Balloon kyphoplasty

Balloon kyphoplasty differs from other surgical therapies for vertebral fracture treatment such as vertebroplasty. Specialised balloons are inserted and then inflated inside the fractured bone in an attempt to return it to its correct position. Inflation of the balloons creates cavities in the vertebral body that are filled with bone cement, forming an “internal cast” to support the surrounding bone and stabilise the fracture.

Balloon kyphoplasty is designed to stabilise the fracture while attempting to correct vertebral body deformity and restore kyphosis.

Figure 1: Balloon kyphoplasty procedure

Clinical benefits

  • Greater improvement in back pain observed over 24 months versus non-surgical management1,2
  • 3.1° kyphosis correction maintained at 24 months4
  • Significant kyphosis correction correlation with Quality of Life outcomes4
  • 44% decrease in mortality risk compared to non-surgical management3