The panel defined 7 clinical variables relevant to treatment choice

Variable Description
Time since fracture
  1. < 6 weeks
  2. ≥6weeks to ≤3months
  3. > 3 months
MRI findings Positive MRI: oedema visible
Impact of VCF on daily
Impact of VCF on daily functioning due to mobility
impairment and/or pain (It is assumed that pain
medication has been optimised)
Evolution of symptoms Evolution of symptoms (mobility impairment, pain)
since fracture
Spinal deformity ≥ 15% kyphosis and/or ≥ 10% scoliosis and/or ≥
10% dorsal wall height reduction and/or vertebral
body height loss ≥ 20%
Proof of on-going
fracture process
Increased height reduction on radiologic images at
follow-up (≥ 20% in comparison to initial imaging)
Presence of
pulmonary dysfunction
Presence of pulmonary disorders likely to
deteriorate due to kyphosis resulting from VCF (e.g.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)