Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Persei?

Persei consulting is an eHealth company founded in 2001 that creates technology platforms to manage data and information for the community of HealthCare professionals, the pharma industry and medical devices companies.

Persei Consulting, S.L., is a company having its principal place of business at C/ Gran Vía, 62, 5, 28013, Madrid, Spain.


What is the Role of Persei in FRACTURE SCOUT?

Persei will develop the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform accordingly to the specification required by Medtronic. Persei will maintain this platform and ensure that the functionality are available at any time for HealthCare professionals. Persei as the patient data processor will ensure that HealthCare professionals are authorized to under the relevant regulation to process patients data, Persei will be in charge of the of the data privacy signature process.

Persei is accredited under all relevant applicable standard in theTerritory to host patient data and comply with all obligations as data processor under the applicable EU regulations.


Who is Medtronic?

Medtronic is the world leader in medical technology providing life long solutions for people with chronic diseases. Every 3 seconds, somewhere in the world, a person's life is saved or improved by a Medtronic product or therapy.

Founded in 1949, Medtronic now serves physicians, clinicians and patients in more than 120 countries. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and has research, manufacturing, education, and sales facilities around the world. Medtronic employs more than 80,000 people worldwide. Every 3 seconds, a patient benefits from a Medtronic technology, which is used to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, spinal disorders and vascular illnesses.


What is the relation Between Medtronic and Persei?

Medtronic and Persei have concluded an arrangement pursuant to which Persei will offer FRACTURE SCOUT based on Perseed® Referral ecosystem to eligible physicians and to provide such Services to Medtronic. Medtronic as the Sponsor of FRACTURE SCOUT has designed the platform requirement and provided Persei will all relevant information pertaining to its content. Medtronic will have no access to the data stored on FRACTURE SCOUT except as aggregate data for statistical usage purpose. Medtronic will be the solely promoter of the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform and will ensure that Excellence centres are carefully selected in regards to their ability to perform vertebral augmentation procedure and effectively use the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform.


What happen to patient data once they are entered into the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform?

Physicians, respectively, the authorised representative of the medical institution the Physician belongs to where applicable, will be controller of the respective personal data registered in FRACTURE SCOUT. Medtronic shall not be controller of any personal data processed by Physicians on FRACTURE SCOUT. Data Processing Agreement must be agreed by signature between file controller and file processor (Persei). Persei will only process the personal data for the purposes of hosting, maintaining and operating FRACTURE SCOUT, Persei shall only transfer any personal data to any third party sub-processor under a written agreement and only as permitted under its applicable accreditations, and Persei will not store any personal data outside these specified locations:

Arsys (Main CPD)

Arsys Internet S.L Plaza Europa
26007 Logroño

Dina Hosting (Backup server)

CPD located in Interxion España
Calle Albasanz, 71 28037 Madrid


Is the list of Vertebral Augmentation excellence centre exhaustive?

In order to ensure a quality service to physicians diagnosing the osteoporotic vertebral fracture, Medtronic will be the sole owner of excellence centre registration to the service. Every physician with an interest to become a Vertebral Augmentation excellence centre should refer his interest to his respective Spine and Biologics Medtronic sales representative.

If the physician wants to register directly on the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform, a local Spines and Biologics sales representative will take contact with him in order to ensure that he has all relevant competences and relevant information to become a Vertebral Augmentation excellence centre.


If I am a Referral Physician do I need to be contacted by a Medtronic sales representative?

If you are a Referral Physician you can directly use the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform to the extent that only you control the patient data otherwise you will have to validate your participation with your relevant institution. The registration process with further personal validation has been put in place only for Vertebral Augmentation Excellence centre in order to ensure that these centres are running a vertebral augmentation service and that implanting physician have been trained to use the platform functionalities. This process has been put in place to ensure that your patients receive proper recommendations and treatment in due time.


Can patients connect to the FRACTURE SCOUT website?

FRACTURE SCOUT is not designed to be a patient website, the information contained are for Health Care Professionals only.


Can I Access Vertebral Augmentation Excellence centre outside my country of Medical Practice?

For Medical Regulatory reason you are allowed to refer patients only in the country of your medical practice, the FRACTURE SCOUT referral platform is not intended to facilitate cross border patient referral at the Exception of Liechtenstein and Switzerland or Austria; Monaco and France; Luxembourg and Belgium; Andorra and Spain.