Fill the 7 clinical variables questions to receive the experts recommendations for the most appropriate therapeutic option in your patients with painful osteoporosis vertebral compression fracture.

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Time since onset of symptoms
≥6weeks to ≤3months
>3 months
MRI Findings

MRI Findings

Positive MRI: oedema visible

If MRI result not available:

select Negative

Impact of VCF on daily functioning

Impact of VCF on daily functioning

Impact of VCF on daily functioning due to mobility impairment and/or pain (It is assumed that pain medication has been optimised)

Evolution of symptoms

Evolution of symptons

Evolution of symptons (mobility impairment, pain since fracture)

Has worsened
Spinal deformity

Spinal deformity

≥ 15% kyphosis and/or ≥ 10% and/or ≥ 10% dorsal wall height reduction and/or vertebral body height loss ≥ 20%

Proof of ongoing fracture process

Proof of on-going fracture process

Increased height reduction on radiologic images at follow-up (≥ 20% in comparison to initial imaging)

Pulmonary dysfunction

Pulmonary dysfunction

Presence of pulmonary disorders likely to deteriorate due to kyphosis from VCF (e.g. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)